March 2019
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Photoscanning with Octane

Today, we did a Ganesha Statue at the office.

Photoscanning, Retopo and Octane Render.




Substance Designer “Granada-de-la-inspiración”

“Granada-de-la-inspiración”, a sci-fi grenade that resembles a light bulb. Literally the one popping up, when having am inspiring idea.

This is a quick modeling and shading practice I did between two jobs. Testing out Octane and , thanks to Simon Fiedler, Substance Designer. It s inspired by the works of Silverwing, Raphael Rau, that I like very much.


Hires 01



Waiting for the Train…

This is a small piece to show my students how to plan little animation projects. The complete animation took me about 8 hours.
The Character is based on the famous Goon-Rig by Sean Burgoon, wich I may use for teaching animation.
Thanks Sean! :D

Once the rig is complete, it can be downloaded via my Homepage.



Getting forward with C4D Pipeline tests. :)


Sculpting Process

This is another quick sculpting project for me. Testing out different approaches and how to build up a good character pipeline in C4D.



A quick scribble to get warm with my buddy PSD again…

My second Digital Tutors tutorial is comming up

The Tutorial is about modeling, rigging and animating a lipsync character.

Here is the description:

In this tutorial, you will learn to create fast and flexible lip sync rigs for CINEMA 4D. The training covers some techniques to speed up your rigging and animation workflow and create a semi-automatic lip sync performance within minutes. You will see how to rig all the different parts of the face in preparation for lip syncing, as well as get a good introduction to the Pose Morph tag.
Because of the automated lip sync, you will learn how to stay flexible and agile with any changes that you receive from clients.

You can watch the tutorial here
The Tutorial was mentioned on the Maxon homepage

iAnimate WS3 Week 9 Assignment 3 (splines)

The first pass on ones. 3h polishing.

iAnimate WS3 Week 8 Assignment 3 (blocking)

initial blocking pass. This time, I tried linear mode for blocking. It s quite good. But I started to do breakdowns instead of just poses and so it got pretty detailed for a blocking…

iAnimate WS3 Week 6 Assignment 2 (polishing)

The face is still in blocked mode and there are some spacing issues in some steps.
Just one little tiny polishing pass…but the next assignment is around the corner.

iAnimate WS3 Week 5 Blocking 1

Blocking pass.

Roughly 17h

iAnimate WS3 Week4 Assignment 1

Overall polishing and smoothing. Adding breakdowns and building arts.
Making curves look goooood!


iAnimate WS3 Week 3 Assignment 1


Setting stepped curves to linear revealed some issues in the posing. I had to correct those and changed some timinge issues.


iAnimate WS3 Week 2 Assignment 1

Blocking pass 2. Another 5h for finetuning the poses

iAnimate WS3 Week 1 Assignment 1

It s pacing and walking with an attitude, dude!
blocking phase one. Time taken: 4.5 h
those rigs are awesome!

iAnimate Demo Reel

Quick Demo Reel, I did for Jason Ryan before joining the iAnimate Workshop.


Texturing examples

Isn t it always a pleasure, when you stumble upon old projects and you can polish them a bit with new shiny renders? -I did those for a print campaign, in 2008.

highres:   12, 3, 4


old stuff

I found old stuff, I did during one of the brief momements, I had nothing to do. This creatue has been modeled and rendered in Max + Vray.


Blog -Hello World!

Hello, this is my new creative-work-blog. Update in progress!
Vimeo videos for this blog are just: 360 x 210. Strange isn t it? ;)

Maxon Character-Job finished

Character Design, Modeling, UV Layout & Pose: Andreas Gaschka

Character Rig: Can Erduman

Digital Tutors Tutorial Update!

This is the learning path for Animation inside C4D at Digital Tutors.

Look who’s done the final tutorial at Level three.

Ohhhhhh yeah! :D

Xpresso Setups @ Pixomondo

Xpresso action for a project.


I used the cleanup plugin for Xpresso, made by Niklas Rosenstein!
It s for free. Donate! :D


Train-in-train Part 5

Skin color study.


Train-in-train Part 4

Unfinished picture of a Samurai. Done on a trainride.


Train-in-train Part 3

This one shows Dejan, another buddy from Pixomondo


Train-in-train Part 2

This is one of the pics created during my 45 minute train ride to Pixomondo Frankfurt. It shows Fernando, a compositing artist there.



Slate-fun on the road to work…
I got so much stuff drawn…

Motion Graphics -Bacterias


Welcome to Microcosm!
Progession shots for a commercial project

2013 Character Reel Intro WIP

Demo Reel Animation is comming up nicely!

Avatar Character -Rigging complete.

My Avatar-Character finally got rigged.

Alien Sculpt Turntable render

Alien Sculpt turntable Animation

Alien Sculpt textured


As Maxon Cinema 4D Betatester, I needed to test out sculpting workflows for Ciname 4D R14 and R15.
This alien is the result. I textured it using Bodypaint + Photoshop.

Interesting is the difference between lowres mesh and highres mesh

Left: sculpt
Right: lowres baked
2nd picture: Viewport with topology

I am of to Phuket! Thailand, here I come! :)


Modeling and Sculpting complete

Next up: rigging the body using the Character Object in C4D.

Currently I am using the Oren Nayar illumination for the skin to get hard cuts between light and shadow sides.

Digital Tutors Tutorial comming up

Digital Tutors Tutorial comming up

Facial Rigging

I love facial rigging!
It s an interesting mixture of posemorphs, constraints and Xpresso!


Layouting the UVs

WIP UV-Layout

123D catch fun!

123D testphoto rendered with Physical Renderer

Quick modeling exercise turned into Avatar Character


Work in Progress of a speed model test inside C4D.

Pose to Shelf script for Maya

Pose to Shelf script for Maya

FBX viewer plugin for Quicktime-Player

FBX viewer plugin for Quicktime-Player


Emotional unstable Jaymee

This is a testanimation showing the current state of the Jaymee Rig

Facial Rigging Jaymee

This video shows the new facial system, I implented.

It s a blendshape based rig with additional clusters that ride along on the blendshapes.
You can then deform the face further more using those clusters.

Toony Jaymee


I added multiple arms and legs to the Jaymee. This will add a bit more handdrawn look to the animation.

Rigging Jaymees Face is coming along pretty nice!

Maya Node Setups

Node Network to make spline IKs stretchy in Maya.

Basically you check the difference between null position and stretched position of the curve by dividing both and plug those as scaling into the joints.

Maya node setup for correctional blendshapes

Simple network that shows how to blend together more nodes into one.
I multiplies the weightings of both blendshapes and triggers the corrective one with that output.

Animation Workflows – a description

Animation Workflows – a description

The best Radio Station for work!

Musthave scripts for Maya

Todays practical RiggingScripts:

Testing mypaint an open source painting program on my Asus Ep-121

Jaymee Rigging Process :D

The Grill Season has begun!

Testing Z-Brush

Cover of my diploma theory.
2nd pic shows a closeup. 

I rigged and rendered “Jonas”

A character done by Andreas Gaschka
The Face Rig is Blendshape based using the Ospia System
For the Body, I used Dustin Nelsons Autorigger Rapid Rig. Be sure to check it out!