March 2019
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My second Digital Tutors tutorial is comming up

The Tutorial is about modeling, rigging and animating a lipsync character.

Here is the description:

In this tutorial, you will learn to create fast and flexible lip sync rigs for CINEMA 4D. The training covers some techniques to speed up your rigging and animation workflow and create a semi-automatic lip sync performance within minutes. You will see how to rig all the different parts of the face in preparation for lip syncing, as well as get a good introduction to the Pose Morph tag.
Because of the automated lip sync, you will learn how to stay flexible and agile with any changes that you receive from clients.

You can watch the tutorial here
The Tutorial was mentioned on the Maxon homepage


  1. Christophe COQUERY

    Hi Can,
    I’ am a Digital Tutors subscriber for years now ….And I would like to learn more precisely about the way to build step by step the little golf cart you show as an example in your ” Animating Object Transitions in C4D ” training course…Would you like to explain to me in a little video, how to animate this little golf car in details, because I am always very slow to understand things and technics, so if you don’t mind to take time to explain only for me , it would be very kind of you..
    I would like to one day master this beautiful technique
    So long
    Chris ( from France )

  2. Can (Author)

    Hi Chris,
    thanks for the feedback!
    Take a look at the project files at Digital Tutors. I added the windmill project to it, which I described in one of the earlier videos. The Car is not much more complicated.

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